How we going for potatoes...

1. We are traveling to my mom's village, acrossing Lena river on ferry with additional 65 road kilometers from Yakutsk city

2. Village, visible from my mom's house, on right side, the white is kindergarden, far away the building with red roofs - school:

3. It's mostly farmers village, but younger men after school trying goes from here to cities, so every year here live less people. So ~300-400 peoples at now, at soviet union period, here ~1000 lives. Most houses are thrown.

4. Mom's potatoes garden, bushes are frozen after cold nights, but potatoes still growing under ground:

5. Hothouse for cucumbers and tomatoes, build by me some years ago :) 

6. We are "pulling" potatoes:

7. Drying potatoes on the sun, after all there was ~20 bags = 100 buckets (per 15 liters), enough for eating 3 families at winter time:

8. Emptied potatoes garden, these pulled bushes will eaten by cows:

9. Filled cellar. Glass jars - home-made vegetable canned foods.

10. Back to the city, autumn and gravel road:

11. That's all :)


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